Structural Materials

The impressive mechanical properties of ESS syntactic materials provide strength and structural integrity at a significantly lower weight per volume than most traditional materials. In addition, exceptional thermal protection and resistance to water absorption make syntactic foam the ideal solution for many Marine, Defense, off-shore and mining applications.


FireshieldFireShield – LFST is a low-density syntactic material specifically designed to meet the flame, smoke and toxicity requirements of the construction industry. Providing all the strength of traditional building materials at a fraction of the weight, Fireshield –LFST installs quickly and easily reducing labor and material costs. In addition to being ideally suited for applications where adherence to fire safety codes are mandatory, FireShield-LFST provides the additional benefit of radio frequency wave transparency, for improved communication.


specialty solutionsMacroCore™ is a advanced composite syntactic for demanding core applications. The toughened macrosphere matrix provides far greater stiffness, strength, impact and shock properties than standard core materials. It is ideally suited for composite-to-metal joints; a well-documented area of concern in all composite structures. As a closed cell structure, the core easily processes in all composite applications including vacuum bag, RTM, and pultrusion without increasing overall density.