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A History of Syntactic Foam - Part 1

We are often asked how and why the syntactic foam industry seemed to emerge from one particular region of the US. Many of the true pioneers in the field started in the Northeast US and planted the technological and business seeds that gave rise to a unique material.
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Acoustic Properties of Syntactic Foam - Part 3

In the 3rd and final installment of our series on acoustic impedance properties of syntactic foam, we present data on enhanced density products. We also discuss additional observations from test results including the effect of additives.
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Acoustic Properties of Syntactic Foam - Part 2

In the second part of our 3-part series, we delve in some comparative data illustrating the properties of different grades of syntactic foam. The formulations were designed for specific depths using different resin systems & glass bubbles, so we expected to see some significant differences.
AI-24 syntactic foam

Acoustic Properties of Syntactic Foam - Part 1

One of the great things about syntactic foam is that one can make an almost infinite amount of changes to the types and levels of the constituent materials in order to impart particular properties to the final part.
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Syntactic Foam & Li-on Batteries

With the recent ban on transporting lithium-ion batteries as cargo in passenger planes, regulators and industry are exploring novel ways to contain thermal runaway conditions. Syntactic foams offer potential due to their critical material properties.

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