Dr. Robert Ballard and the ROV Little Hercules

Dr. Robert Ballard is one of the most acclaimed and accomplished figures in subsea exploration and his renowned work in the industry requires little introduction. A pioneer in the subsea industry, Dr. Ballard is well-known for his 1985 discovery of the RMS Titanic and 1986 exploration of the Titanic, where he teamed up with WHOI and the HOV Alvin to capture never before seen images. Engineered Syntactic Systems was a key contributor to the upgrades done on Alvin over the past decade and is a critical piece in its future success.

Prior to the COVID shutdown, Engineered Syntactic Systems founding partner, Thom Murray, met with Dr. Robert Ballard and COO Allison Fundis at Nautilus Live Ocean Exploration Trust’s facility in Gulfport, Mississippi to discuss upcoming requirements for ROV exploration. ESS teamed up with the Ballard group in 2019 along with our colleagues at Global Dynamics to upgrade the ROV “Little Hercules” to reach a depth rating of 6500 meters. Discussions with Dr. Ballard focused on his vision for future deployments and upgrading the operational depths of the rest of his current ROV fleet to cover more ocean than ever before. Pictured below is Mr. Murray (left) and Dr. Ballard (right) standing with Little Herc.