ESS High Strength MacroCore

Engineered Syntactic Systems’ MacroCore Used in Deck Housing of DDG-1000 Destroyer

Attleboro, Ma. – December 10, 2010 – Engineered Syntactic Systems, LLC (ESS), has supplied over 7500 cubic feet of newly developed core material to Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding for the critical joints of the Composite Deck House of the new DDG-1000 Destroyer. 3M glass bubbles are a key component of the of the syntactic core material.

Beginning in 2007, ESS worked closely with Northrop and the Navy design team to develop a core material which met the rigorous shear, shock and temperature requirements for the joints of this large composite structure. The carbon composite sandwich panels utilized balsa as the core for a majority of the configuration, but required a higher performance core in the highly stressed joint areas. MacroCore provided an isotropic, high strength solution.

Available in two foot by five foot sheets, MacroCore was provided in thicknesses starting at 2 inches up through 8 inches at half inch increments. Easily cut to size and infusion ready, the core does not outgas or soak up resin during processing. The material has been praised in providing excellent adhesion and shear properties with the vinyl ester infused carbon fiber skins. The key to the material is the open sphere faces which provide high mechanical locking to the skins, as well as a transitional layer for the stress at low densities.

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Engineered Syntactic Systems is a global leader of high-performance syntactic solutions for subsea and oceanographic environments. Years of experience in the engineering, design and manufacturing of flotation technologies, enable ESS to provide customers with the optimal solution for their application. Products are available in standard shapes and sizes, as well as custom-formed geometries and are engineered to withstand depths ranging from several hundred meters to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. ESS also fabricates syntactic and composite/syntactic structures and assemblies for complete turnkey solutions.