Buoyancy Solutions

The selection and design of the syntactic material is critical to successful vehicle operations. As a leading manufacturer of syntactic buoyancy, ESS supplies syntactic systems to make vehicles neutrally buoyant. Our products and solutions are designed with the customer in mind and support applications operating just below the surface down to 10,000 meters. Our low density syntactic foams, in combination with our wealth of design experience and value-added capabilities ensure optimal syntactic performance even under significant hydrostatic pressures.

Quick-turn buoyancy packages are also available. These packages are fully machined to shape and include protective skins and coatings, as well as inserts for attachment to a vehicle or auxiliary equipment.

As a trusted partner for OEMs and industry leading organizations, ESS offers a range of subsea buoyancy systems and solutions:

rov buoyancy solutions

ROV Buoyancy Solutions

When working at depths in excess of 3000m, ROV reliability is an essential requirement. ESS deepwater buoyancy modules are designed to provide low density and long-term operational reliability.

auv buoyancy

AUV Buoyancy Solutions

We have the material technology and design experience to manufacture highly sophisticated AUV buoyancy modules.

hov buoyancy

HOV Buoyancy Solutions

HOVs are specifically designed for exploring both fresh water and marine environments. They offer a safe and reliable means to access underwater environments for any length of time at considerable depth.

Instrumentation Support


Engineered Syntactic Systems continues its long standing reputation as the buoyancy supplier of choice with a line of versatile buoyancy support systems designed with materials engineered to meet the most challenging requirements.

void filler

Syntactic Void Filler

Specially engineered and formulated to serve as void filler for subsea applications, these syntactic materials are provided as multi-part kits that are mixed and poured into any free-flood cavity or void.