Macrosphere Syntactic Foam

Macrosphere syntactic foam integrates larger fiber-reinforced spheres (average diameter of 0.1875 inches or 5mm) into the syntactic structure, thereby attaining lower densities in certain applications. Ideally suited for fabrication of larger standard sizes and custom structures, Macrosphere syntactic foam generally equates to lower cost buoyancy for a given depth. Macrosphere foams are available in standard off-the-shelf sheets and near-net-shape or finished geometries.

Like the Microsphere syntactic foam, Macrosphere blocks may also be bonded to form larger geometries or machined to a final shape. Machined surfaces have exposed cut macrospheres, but the systems are designed to resist water ingression, even with direct exposure. However, many customers fill and skin these surfaces to form a smooth outer shell.

Typical Properties of Macrosphere Syntactic Foam