ESS-TOOL® 250 is a new, intermediate epoxy syntactic tooling board designed for use in aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. With enhanced properties for toughness and durability, ESS-TOOL 250 board is designed for use at temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). The material is designed with a small cell structure and formulated with a polymer system that enhances toughness while maintaining temperature resistance, exceptional machinability and superb surface qualities. ESS-TOOL 250 also allows for easier sealing when prepping the tool. Users can produce models and tools with great precision and dimensional stability.

Color: blue-grey

Standard dimensions: 24″ x 60″

Thickness: 2″ &  4″  (51mm & 102)

Bonding: ESS-BOND® 250

Custom cutting services available

Mechanical & Thermal Properties
PropertyValueUnits (IMP)ValueUnits (SI)ASTM Method
Shore Hardness84D84DD2240
Uniaxial Compressive Strength (max)8590psi59.2MPaD695
Uniaxial Compressive Modulus690ksi4757MPaD695
Tensile Strength (at room temperature)7070psi48.7MPaD638
Tensile Strength (at 275F)3070ksi21.1MPaD638
Flexural Strength (at room temperature)8378psi57.7MPaD790
Flexural Strength (at 275F)7476ksi51.5MPaD790
Flexural Toughness (at room temperature)7.14psi49.2KPaD790
Flexural Toughness (at 275F)6.2psi42.7KPaD790
Coeffient of Thermal Expansion (RT – 250F)17.8 x 10^-6in/in/F32 x 10^-6m/m/CE228
Glass Transition Temperature327F163.8C
Heat Deflection Temperature (264psi)272F133CD648