ESS-TOOL™ 250 is a new, intermediate epoxy syntactic tooling board designed for use in aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. With enhanced properties for toughness and durability, ESS-TOOL 250 board is designed for use at temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). The material is designed with a small cell structure and formulated with a polymer system that enhances toughness while maintaining temperature resistance, exceptional machinability and superb surface qualities. ESS-TOOL 250 also allows for easier sealing when prepping the tool. Users can produce models and tools with great precision and dimensional stability.

Color: blue-grey

Standard dimensions: 24″ x 60″

Thickness: 1″ / 2 / 3 / 4  (25mm / 51 / 76 / 102)

Custom cutting services available

Mechanical & Thermal Properties
PropertyValueUnits (IMP)ValueUnits (SI)ASTM Method
Shore Hardness74D74DD2240
Uniaxial Compressive Strength (max)7,970psi55.0MPaD695
Uniaxial Compressive Modulus314ksi2,165MPaD695
Tensile Strength4,400psi30.3MPaD638
Tensile Modulus140ksi965MPaD638
Elongation at Break3.9%3.9%D638
Flexural Strength5,180psi35.7MPaD790
Flexural Modulus329ksi2,268MPaD790
Flexural Toughness4.58psi31.6KPaD790
Shear Strength3,560psi24.5MPaD732
Coeffient of Thermal Expansion (RT – 250F)25.4 x 10^-6in/in/F45.7 x 10^-6m/m/CE228
Thermal Conductivity0.83BTU in/hr ft2 F0.12W/m-K
Heat Deflection Temperature (264psi)272F133CD648