ESS-TOOL® 44 is a copolymer tooling board designed for low-cost, rapid, dust-free machining and superior surface finish in applications where bonding two or more pieces together is not required. (For applications requiring bonded segments, ESS-TOOL 250 is recommended.)  Designed for use at temperatures up to 250°F, (121°C), ESS-TOOL 44 is an excellent choice for composite fabrication in prepreg, autoclave cure, wet layup, vacuum infusion and other composite processes.

Color: dark blue-grey

Standard size: 24” x 60” sheet (610 mm x1524 mm)

Thickness:  1”, 2”, 3”, or 4” (25, 51 or 76, 102 mm)

Mechanical & Thermal Properties
PropertyValueUnits (IMP)ValueUnits (SI)ASTM Test Method
Shore Hardness80D80DD2240
Uniaxial Compressive Strength (max)8,010psi55.2MPaD695
Uniaxial Compressive Modulus290ksi2,000MPaD695
Tensile Strength4,550psi31.4MPaD638
Flexural Strength6,470psi44.6MPaD790
Flexural Modulus334ksi2,300MPaD790
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (RT – 350F)22 x 10^-6in/in/F40 x 10^-6m/m/CE228