ESS-TOOL® 705 is a new class of tooling board.  By using a thermoplastic syntactic structure, 705 triples flexural toughness and impact resistance while maintaining other properties critical to tooling materials.  705 is easily machined and provides excellent edge definition. It is engineered for use in applications where durability is of much greater significance than CTE. ESS-TOOL may be bonded using adhesives and techniques specifically designed for adhesion of thermoplastic materials.

Color: salmon

Standard dimensions: 24″ x 48″ (610mm x 1219)

Thickness of 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4” or 4.5”
(25, 38, 50, 64, 76, 89, 102, 114 mm)

Bonding: EP1320LV, 1-part heat cure epoxy

Custom cutting services available

Mechanical & Thermal Properties
PropertyValueUnits (IMP)ValueUnits (SI)ASTM Method
Density44lbs/ft3705 g/cm3
Shore Hardness75D75DD2240
Uniaxial Compressive Strength (Max)10,215psi70.4MPaD695
Uniaxial Compressive Modulus360ksi2,482MPaD695
Tensile Strength6,100psi42.1MPaD638
Tensile Modulus160ksi1,103MPaD638
Flexural Strength9,050psi62.4MPaD790
Flexural Modulus305ksi2,102MPaD790
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (RT – 250F)32 x 10^-6in/in/F57.6 x 10^-6m/m/CE228
Thermal Conductivity0.10BTU/hr ft-F0.17W/m-K
Heat Deflection Temperature (264 psi)320F160CD648